Mon, 27 Jun 2022 08:42:43 +0000

In association with Experis While IT skills needs are evolving faster than ever, and specialised technology talent is at a premium, critical soft skills, aka ‘power skills’ are being neglected in the recruitment and resourcing process. Despite continued talk of the crucial nature of upskilling and reskilling, latent potential remains untapped among workers in the [&hellip The post Companies still struggling to find candidates with balance of technical and soft skills appeared first on TechCentral.ie.

Fri, 24 Jun 2022 14:34:09 +0000

More than 6,000 people have signed up to participate in the StepIn2Tech digital skills training programme, Microsoft Ireland has said. The programme was initially developed by Microsoft Ireland in collaboration with Fastrack to IT (FIT) in response to the Covid-19 pandemic in an effort to equip 10,000 learners over a two-year period with the digital skills [&hellip The post Open call for participants in StepIn2Tech digital skills training programme appeared first on TechCentral.ie.

Fri, 24 Jun 2022 14:09:32 +0000

Intel has indefinitely delayed its planned development of a $20 billion chip production site in Ohio, pointing to the lack of action by congress to pass funding the company sees as crucial to the project. The CHIPS for America act would provide $52 billion in funding for semiconductor manufacturing, and was drafted amidst national security [&hellip The post Intel pauses Ohio chip site development, citing delays in US CHIPS act subsidies appeared first on TechCentral.ie.

Fri, 24 Jun 2022 14:04:55 +0000

Cisco has announced that it will withdraw from Russia and Belarus permanently, after suspending business activities and services in the countries in March following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Many major tech companies have done the same, with Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, IBM, and Intel just some companies from a long list that have protested the [&hellip The post Cisco to exit Russia, Belarus in business wind-down appeared first on TechCentral.ie.

Fri, 24 Jun 2022 13:53:15 +0000

I’m guessing that most of you saw the latest news concerning Alexa and Amazon’s plans to bring back the dead. That may not come as too much of a surprise for those people who hero worship Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to the point of deification but it probably did for the rest of us.  Before [&hellip The post We ain’t afraid of no Alexa appeared first on TechCentral.ie.

Fri, 24 Jun 2022 12:32:43 +0000

This week we meet Code for Ethics keynote speaker Danese Cooper to talk about the history of open source software and how ‘innerpreneurship’ can change how businesses innovate. To never miss an episode of TechRadio subscribe, comment and rate us on iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify or find us via RSS and pod.link. Tech Radio · [&hellip The post Danese Cooper on ethical coding appeared first on TechCentral.ie.

Fri, 24 Jun 2022 09:55:29 +0000

Expleo has annouced the creation of 200 jobs and the opening of its first regional hub in Mahon, Co. Cork. The company is investing €10 million in the expansion of its workforce, along with the establishment of a network of regional hubs as part of the investment. The majority of the new jobs will be [&hellip The post Expleo announces 200 new jobs, regional hub plan appeared first on TechCentral.ie.

Fri, 24 Jun 2022 09:05:14 +0000

Toast is to create 100 jobs in 2022 after opening a new office on St Stephen’s Green in Dublin. The new roles will span several functions including software development, sales and customer support. Toast delivers SaaS solutinos for restaurants covering point of sale, operations, digital ordering and delivery, marketing and loyalty, and team management. Headquartered [&hellip The post Toast to create 100 new jobs following opening of Dublin office appeared first on TechCentral.ie.

Thu, 23 Jun 2022 15:29:15 +0000

CWSI has said it has redefined the retail experience for Škoda UK with a fully managed and highly secure Ivanti mobile solution delivered to its approximately 130 retailers in the UK. Škoda is one of the world’s oldest and most successful automotive brands. To support its growth and the ever-adapting automotive markets, Škoda UK wanted to [&hellip The post CWSI redefines the retail experience for Škoda with managed mobility solution appeared first on TechCentral.ie.

Thu, 23 Jun 2022 15:27:35 +0000

Trinseo has opened its new Global Business Services (GBS) office in Dublin’s Docklands. Established in 2010, Trinseo has grown to become a leading global specialty materials solutions provider with a focus on delivering innovative, sustainable materials to unlock value for companies. Last October, the company announced its plans to establish its new Global Business Services [&hellip The post Trinseo opens global business services hub in Dublin’s Docklands appeared first on TechCentral.ie.

Thu, 23 Jun 2022 15:25:48 +0000

The European Commission has released evaluation results showing that four Enterprise Ireland-backed companies have been recommended for €23 million funding from the March 2022 call of the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator Programme. The EIC Accelerator Programme provides transformational funding to high-potential, high-risk start-ups, scale ups and SMEs led by a strong, well-balanced leadership team [&hellip The post Enterprise Ireland companies secure €23m in European Innovation Council accelerator appeared first on TechCentral.ie.

Thu, 23 Jun 2022 14:21:37 +0000

In association with Schneider Electric There are many reasons why Ireland has become a popular location for data centres in recent years. In the first instance, its geographical location makes it an attractive destination for submarine communications cables – a fact that has been evident since the first ever transatlantic telegraph messages were sent between [&hellip The post The benefits of microgrids in building a new generation of sustainable and resilient data centres appeared first on TechCentral.ie.

Thu, 23 Jun 2022 10:41:29 +0000

It’s official: Internet Explorer is dead. On 15 June, Microsoft cut off support for the browser that was the gateway to the Internet for an entire generation.  In practical terms this doesn’t really matter: there are plenty of other browsers around, including Microsoft’s own Edge, Google’s Chrome, Apple’s Safari and a host of others such [&hellip The post Explorer is gone, but lock-in lives on appeared first on TechCentral.ie.

Thu, 23 Jun 2022 10:31:13 +0000

In association with Zoom While Zoom has been integral in helping customers adapt to remote working over the past two years, how is it now supporting those embracing a hybrid work model? Through its National Remote Working Strategy the Irish government is working to capitalise on the widespread adoption of hybrid working practices throughout the [&hellip The post A conversation with Zoom’s Barry Dillon appeared first on TechCentral.ie.

Thu, 23 Jun 2022 10:16:56 +0000

Amazon has announced the deployment of two new robots across its fulfilment centres, which the company says will work alongside human workers to lift, shift and sort packages with improved safety and efficiency. Adding to the fleet of 520,000 robots already in use at Amazon, the new systems, dubbed Proteus and Cardinal, will be the [&hellip The post Amazon to introduce first fully autonomous robots across its warehouses appeared first on TechCentral.ie.

Wed, 22 Jun 2022 16:07:01 +0000

Slack has added new ‘co-working’ tools to its Huddles service which includes video and multi-person screen sharing functions. The new capabilities revealed at Slack Frontiers on Wednesday are part of the comms platform’s “digital HQ” strategy which aims to make Slack a virtual replacement for the office. Slack Huddles isn’t meant to replace video conferencing [&hellip The post Slack adds multi-person screen sharing features to Huddles appeared first on TechCentral.ie.

Wed, 22 Jun 2022 14:32:44 +0000

The 17 members of the European Refurbishment Association (EUREFAS) have signed a pledge to create a common standard for reconditioned electronic devices by 2023. The group is represented in Ireland by Refurbed whose co-founder, Kilian Kaminski, serves as chair of the organisation’s working group communications. In May 2022, Refurbed attended the EUREFAS general assembly in [&hellip The post Refurbed joins pledge to introduce common standards for reconditioned devices appeared first on TechCentral.ie.

Wed, 22 Jun 2022 14:17:26 +0000

Kyndryl has formed a partnership with Veritas Technologies to help enterprises protect and recover their critical data across multi-cloud environments.  Under the agreement, Kyndryl will deliver Veritas’ data management portfolio to enterprise customers as a fully managed service, ‘Protection & Cyber Resiliency, Powered by Veritas’. The partnership with Veritas extends Kyndryl’s framework of cyber resiliency [&hellip The post Kyndryl, Veritas Technologies join forces to help customers address cyber threats appeared first on TechCentral.ie.

Wed, 22 Jun 2022 10:14:32 +0000

Ericsson has estimated that 5G will top one billion subscriptions in 2022 and 4.4 billion in 2027. North America is also forecasted to lead the world in 5G subscription penetration in the next five years with nine of every ten subscriptions expected to be 5G by 2027, according to the Ericsson Mobility Report released today. [&hellip The post Ericsson predicts 5G to reach 1bn subscriptions in 2022 appeared first on TechCentral.ie.

Wed, 22 Jun 2022 10:07:40 +0000

Vive has announced the availability of its new Vive Flow Business Edition headsets, which bring the perks of VR to business training, remote meetings, and wider organisational collaboration. The enterprise-flavoured version of the firm’s headsets serves up a new optional 3DoF controller for intuitive controls for navigation, while a special ‘kiosk mode’ enables content to [&hellip The post Vive announces new Vive Flow Business Edition appeared first on TechCentral.ie.