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  From: kevin higgins <kphiggins@hotmail.com> Sent: Wednesday, June 8, 2022 7:56:21 AM To: Martin Doyle <martindoyle@irishtimes.com> Subject: For Martin   Hi Martin, hope all is well and good your side. As you may know, I have a new poetry collection – my sixth – out next week. Polina Cosgrave is launching the book in Galway. Would you be at […] The post If you ever thought the Irish Times wasn’t political in deciding what books to review, read this exchange.  Kevin Higgins is a poet; Martin Doyle is the Books Editor of the Irish Times; Polina Cosgrave wrote a review of Higgins’ poetry which Higgins asked the Irish Times to publish. appeared first on Village Magazine.

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Tá borradh tagtha agus ag teacht faoi stádas agus úsáid na Gaeilge sa saol oifigiúil. Is teanga oifigiúil oibre den Aontas Eorpach í gan mhaolú, cíos, cás ná cathú ón 1ú Eanáir 2022. Feasta achtófar agus clófar gach rialachán, treoir agus cinneadh den Aontas as Gaeilge ag an am céanna agus ar aon dul leis […] The post Stádas bunreachtúil na Gaeilge in Éirinn aontaithe. Le Dáithí Mac Cárthaigh. appeared first on Village Magazine.

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    These days normally we divide the world into halves: one which is inside our imagination, and another which is real and outside of us.   The first half includes things like love, sentiment, beauty, laughter, and is necessary for our own sanity but a dangerous falsity; the second is bare and severe, a […] The post Rory O’Sullivan reviews the compelling ‘It Is Good We Are Dreaming’ at the New Theatre, Dublin: Western ennui, our heads and our exterior faces appeared first on Village Magazine.

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It’s the IT, BoI Springsteen wasn’t Bank of Ireland’s only recent IT debacle.   What is the point of Bank of Ireland? Exactly what, or who, is Bank of Ireland for? Certainly not for ordinary customers if they also happen to be Bruce Springsteen fans. On Friday, the bank’s app crashed just as tickets for […] The post It’s the IT, BoI. By John Vivian Cooke. appeared first on Village Magazine.

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The 2010 Report of the Saville Enquiry describes much of what happened in Derry on Bloody Sunday (30 January 1972). Various commentaries and later publications have added further information, some of it of a nature that the authorities must have hoped would never be revealed. It seems however that the ferocity of the slaughter that […] The post Was revenge the cause of the ferocity on Bloody Sunday? By Brian Lacey, author of 'Siege City: the story of Derry and Londonderry'. appeared first on Village Magazine.

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  Kendrick Lamar is one of the most popular high-brow artists. He is one of very few people in history whose work during their lifetime has been at once widely listened to (nearly 20 million hits already for the top tracks of this album on Spotify) and deeply scrutinised: every lyric, every note and harmony […] The post Mr Morale and the Big Steppers by Kendrick Lamar – Thomas Pynchon for music lovers.  By Rory O’Sullivan. appeared first on Village Magazine.

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Why Solar In their book, ‘The Menace of Atomic Energy’,published nearly 50 years ago, Ralph Nader and John Abbotts revealed to readers that the person most responsible for developing American nuclear reactors, Dr Alvin Weinberg, admitted he would prefer solar energy if its cost could be brought down to less than 2.5 times the cost […] The post Solar Panels for Peace. All you need to ‘go solar’ yourself.   By Caroline Hurley. appeared first on Village Magazine.

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The ownership and governance arrangements for the new National Maternity Hospital (NMH) are fraught with risk for future generations of women in Ireland. The board structure of the new hospital makes it liable to capture and control by the 3/3/3 membership structure.   The NMH will have minority representation of only three out of nine […] The post  Vatican/Vested interests 10: Women of Ireland 0. The people and process failures that created the St Vincent's NMH débacle. By Peter Boylan. appeared first on Village Magazine.

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Putin’s 9 May speech in Red Square came and went, without any new theatre opening up. This may indicate a change in strategy to limit the kinetic war to Donbas but he’s made it quite clear that, in his world view, the culpable protagonist, is NATO /USA. By moving away from military rhetoric his speech, along […] The post Currency warfronts: Russia is spearheading a gold- and commodity-backed Ruble, while Central Banks accelerate digital currencies which, without protections, will give them unlimited power to monitor and control how we spend our money. By Eddie Hobbs. appeared first on Village Magazine.

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Daft: the solution to the housing crisis depends on facts-led public-policy but we need to be discriminating about the facts chosen and who chooses them, even when it’s Ronan Lyons.  By J Vivian Cooke. The post Donkeys led by Lyons. appeared first on Village Magazine.