Grid girls hit back at F1 ban on 'job we love'
on Feb 1, 2018

Several grid girls have criticised Formula One's decision to abolish their role in the sport.

Ex-F1 head Bernie Ecclestone says grid girls are 'part of the spectacle'
on Feb 1, 2018

Ex-Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone has reportedly criticised a decision to stop using so-called 'grid girls'.

'We don't believe the practice is appropriate': Formula One to stop using grid girls
on Jan 31, 2018

It's a move which mirrors the Professional Darts Corporation's decision.

Larry Ryan: Embarking on a new life beyond VAR with a golden mile
52 minutes ago

If anything could heighten a sense of foreboding in these weird times, it was going to be VAR.

Patrick Mahomes: Sport’s first half a billion dollar man?
13 hours, 25 minutes ago

A strange thing happened in sport this week.

Liam Mackey: Stephen Kenny determined Ireland won't travel anywhere with backs against the wall
14 hours, 32 minutes ago

Apart maybe from the emergency task facing those gaffers, invariably specialists in the trade, who are parachuted in at close to the 11th hour to try and save a club from relegation, it’s hard to think of a more pressing, onerous and high stakes challenge in football than the one with which confronts Stephen Kenny in his first outing as a senior international manager.
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Newlywed in US reunited with father’s ring thanks to underwater metal detectorist
14 hours, 29 minutes ago

The loss was especially ‘devastating’ as the ring had belonged to Steven Elonich’s father, who has stage four cancer.

Daring hamster escapologist draws comparisons with Jean-Claude Van Damme
19 hours, 42 minutes ago

The flexible rodent shimmied up the corner of a wall in an attempt at liberation.

The 5 emotional stages of your first haircut after lockdown
1 day ago

Heading back to the salon after so many weeks can be a daunting experience.

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