Countdown From A Specific Date - jQuery Loopcounter
18 hours, 27 minutes ago

View Demo | Download sourceLoopcounter is a tiny and easy-to-use countdown timer plugin that displays the remaining days/hours/minutes/seconds before a specific date.

Tiny Unobtrusive Accordion Plugin - jQuery Monica.js
20 hours, 11 minutes ago

View Demo | Download sourcemonica.js is a super tiny jQuery plugin that helps you create a minimal, clean, unobtrusive accordion interface with plain JavaScript/HTML/CSS.

Advanced Survey/Feedback/Quiz System - SurveyJS
20 hours, 47 minutes ago

View Demo | Download sourceSurveyJS is a robust, customizable, cross-platform Survey/Feedback/Questionnaire/Quiz JavaScript library designed for jQuery, Angular, React, VueJS, knockout, etc.
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Sea Of Thieves goes overboard with skeletons in this month's Fort Of The Damned update
21 minutes ago

It must be hard to make Halloween updates for a game where most enemies are swashbuckling skeletons. But that’s just what Sea Of Thieves is trying to do with Fort Of The Damned, October’s harrowing Halloween twist on Rare’s sea shanty. With a damnable new castle and skinless pets, Sea Of Thieves wants to make […]

Fallout 76 delays Wastelanders, but private servers arrive next week
2 hours, 48 minutes ago

Fallout 76‘s long-awaited flesh-and-blood NPCs won’t be arrive in West Virginia this year. Bethesda has delayed the free Wastelanders update into early 2020, leaving players alone in the post-apocalypse with each other for a few months longer. But there’s a silver lining to this mushroom cloud. Private Worlds finally arrive in Fallout 76 next week, […]

Jackbox Party Pack 6 continues the local multiplayer foolishness
3 hours, 14 minutes ago

Perhaps I don’t know jack but I do, by now, know the Jackbox Party Packs. Yet another bundle of silly multiplayer party games has arrived from Jackbox Games, which broadly have the usual goals of making your pals laugh with bad jokes and bad drawings. And yup, with The Jackbox Party Pack 6 is sounds […]
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Jennifer Garner partakes in Breast Cancer Awareness Month by sharing video of mammogram appointment
7 minutes ago

Jennifer Garner wants you to get your breasts checked. 

Alicia Alonso, Cuban ballet legend, is dead at 98
12 minutes ago

Alicia Alonso, the revered ballerina and choreographer whose nearly 75-year career made her an icon of artistic loyalty to Cuba's socialist system, died Thursday at age 98.

Louisiana man arrested in 1989 murder case: police
15 minutes ago

Authorities in Louisiana on Tuesday arrested a man who is accused of murdering his wife and her friend in 1989, according to reports.
New York Post

Gisele Bündchen shares photo of herself and lookalike mom
1 minute ago

So that's where she got those supermodel genes.

Florida animal trapper plays with gator until it tires, pulls it from pool
3 minutes ago

Celebrity trapper Paul Bedard said he was able to pull the nearly 9-foot animal out of the water once it grew tired from playing with him in the pool on Wednesday.

Tom Brokaw accuser Linda Vester: NBC News knew Matt Lauer was ‘dangerous’
4 minutes ago

A former NBC News anchor says colleagues knew one-time “Today” host Matt Lauer was “dangerous” and he was to be “avoided at all costs.” Linda Vester — who accused the network’s Tom Brokaw of sexual harassment last year — told Fox News on Wednesday that Lauer had a reputation for misconduct in the NBC office....

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