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Tate boss defends plan to cut 200 jobs in art gallery shops and cafes
1 hour, 17 minutes ago

"Sadly at the moment the trading business is too big," Maria Balshaw told Desert Island Discs.

Sideman quits Radio 1Xtra over BBC's use of racial slur
5 hours, 45 minutes ago

The BBC 1Xtra DJ says the broadcast of the word was a "slap in the face of our community".

11 of the best music videos from lockdown
1 day ago

When lockdown thwarted musicians' plans to shoot music videos, they were forced to get creative.
BBC Politics

Home Office seeks military help over migrant crossings
2 hours, 49 minutes ago

More than 500 people have been intercepted crossing the English Channel in recent days.

UK and Japan look to seal trade deal within month
1 day, 8 hours ago

The two sides say the "major elements" of a post-Brexit agreement are in place after productive talks.

Nicola Sturgeon: Internal disputes 'risk to SNP success'
15 hours, 14 minutes ago

The first minister says her party should focus on "what matters to people" ahead of next year's Holyrood vote.
BBC Business

LinkedIn co-founder reveals key secret to success
4 days, 1 hour ago

Allen Blue, who co-founded professional network LinkedIn, reveals how start-ups can achieve growth.

Coronavirus causes vineyard problems
6 days, 12 hours ago

With thousands of vines to prune and not enough staff, the owners put out a plea for help on social media.

FIRE: The people trying to retire as early as possible
1 week ago

Meet the extreme savers who live for an end of the nine-to-five.
BBC World News

Beirut explosion: Angry protesters storm government ministries
3 hours, 41 minutes ago

The prime minister is to ask for early elections amid the crisis over Tuesday's devastating blast.

Spain's ex-King Juan Carlos lands in Abu Dhabi: reports
2 hours, 11 minutes ago

A photograph appears to show Spain's former monarch landing in Abu Dhabi after leaving his country.

Venezuela: Former American soldiers jailed over failed coup
4 hours, 3 minutes ago

Luke Denman and Airan Berry were arrested in May while entering Venezuela by sea from Colombia.

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