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A Diablo show isn't in the works, but the head of the series certainly likes the idea of one
11 hours, 8 minutes ago

No, there isn't a Diablo show coming, though general manager of the franchise at Blizzard Rod Fergusson has expressed interest in the idea. It's becoming increasingly clear that live-action adaptations of video games are the big thing in film and TV. There had to be something after superhero flicks, after all, and how convenient is it that there's a wealth of IP just ready to be probably made worse when turned into a live-action project? Ok, sure, I do like the Sonic films, and the Fallout show was good enough that I might actually try playing the games again, but it's not like I wouldn't prefer there to be more original films and TV shows. Still, that won't stop them from happening, and while there isn't one planned right now, Rod Fergusson does at least think a Diablo show could work. When asked about the idea of a Diablo show in a recent interview with Windows Central, Fergusson said, "Yeah I definitely think it could work. That's one of the things I really liked about Diablo as an IP, is that it's got very relatable themes because it's The High Heavens versus The Burning Hells, and that idea of Good versus Evil. I think that's something that could translate very well to something like that. You know, I wish I had something I could talk to you about today. But in terms of just the general idea, do I think it could work? I definitely do." Read more

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