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Nearly a year on, Minecraft Dungeons' November 2022 update confirmed as its last
10 minutes ago

Five years after its initial unveiling, developer Mojang has confirmed development on Minecraft Dungeons has reached its end, and that the game's 1.17 update - which released ten months ago, back in November 2023 - will be its last. Minecraft Dungeons, a collaboration between Mojang and developer Double Eleven, was well-received when it launched in May 2020 - Eurogamer's Tom Phillips called it a "strong extension to the franchise, and by far the most promising Minecraft spin-off released to date" at the time. By the time February 2021 rolled around, Minecraft Dungeons had amassed over 10m players, and was popular enough that a second season pass of DLC content was announced after its first came to and end. Mojang then announced it would introduce a live-service style seasonal model - complete with battle pass - as 2021 drew to a close. Read more

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