Something ‘still’ in the way
18 hours, 8 minutes ago

It was April 8th 1994, I still remember with such vividness the news that one of my musical heroes was gone. Kurt Cobain influenced the lives of so many teenagers of my generation. Nirvana’s music translated often what young teenagers at the time couldn’t put into words

Why We Need To Check Up On One Another More Often
21 hours, 54 minutes ago

In 2017, the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland became the subject to 6213 suicides, 5821 of which were in the UK and 392 of which in the the ROI. In the UK, men are 3 times more likely to take their own lives

Women, their secret social code, mob mentality and toxic cliques among 30 somethings today
22 hours, 8 minutes ago

I have given myself a pat on the back recently. I pretty pleased with my efforts in attending (self-motivated) all therapy sessions over the past ten months

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