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Justin Trudeau: Canada PM in 'brownface' 2001 yearbook photo
11 minutes ago

Canada's PM says he deeply regrets wearing skin-darkening make-up at an Arabian Nights-themed gala.

Afghanistan war: Deadly Taliban attack 'destroys' hospital
1 hour, 19 minutes ago

The attack came as reports emerged that an air strike killed a group of villagers in the east.

Fukushima disaster: Nuclear executives found not guilty
4 hours, 7 minutes ago

It was the only criminal case to arise out of the world's worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.

Indonesian police arrest scores of people linked to huge forest fires
1 hour, 34 minutes ago

Those arrested could be prosecuted under an environmental protection law that mandates a maximum 10-year sentence for setting fires to clear land.

France rejects Edward Snowden’s latest request for asylum
1 hour, 34 minutes ago

The former National Security Agency contractor has been living in Russia to escape US prosecution after leaking classified documents.

Rees-Mogg backs Johnson to deliver new Brexit deal by 12-day deadline
1 hour, 58 minutes ago

Mr Rees-Mogg also maintained the Queen was ‘in no way misled’ over the decision to suspend Parliament.

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