My Hero Academia: Season 4, Episode 19 - 'Prepping for the School Festival is the Funnest Part' Review - IGN

This review contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Season 4, episode 19, improbably titled “Prepping for the School Festival is the Funnest Part.”

The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 9: "Squeeze" Review - IGN

The Walking Dead (literally) stumbled around in the dark with its midseason premiere, "Squeeze."

Elspeth Eastman vs Emily Sonnett: GRID | Stadia Face-Off - IGN

Sponsored by Stadia - Bend it like Goodman! Streamer and League of Legends voice actor Elspeth Eastman, and soccer star Emily Sonnett put their speed and agility to the test behind the wheel of GRID playing across multiple screens and devices!

CD Projekt is now the second-biggest video game company in Europe
13 hours, 21 minutes ago

CD Projekt has become the second-largest video game company in Europe, second only to Ubisoft, in terms of its market valuation.Though it was valued at $6.8 billion (£5.2bn) just a month ago, it's now hit $8 billion (£6.1bn) following the release of the acclaimed The Witcher 3 on Nintendo Switch - sending its sales rocketing by 500 per cent - and the success of its Netflix show (thanks, reddit). The highly-anticipated Cyberpunk 2077, despite its recent delay, has also likely had an impact.Ubisoft, on the other hand, is currently valued at around $9.6 billion (£7.4bn).Read more

EA reportedly cancelled a Star Wars Battlefront spin-off last year
13 hours, 53 minutes ago

We've been awash with rumours of cancelled Star Wars games in recent years, and here's another: EA reportedly cancelled a third Star Wars game last year, this one purportedly a spinoff of the Star Wars Battlefront series. Codenamed Viking internally, the shooter was initially expected to release in 2020 as part of Microsoft and Sony's next-gen console line-up, but when timescales slipped, the game was allegedly cancelled, making it the third Star Wars game to succumb to development hell alongside Amy Hennig's Ragtag and EA Vancouver's Orca.According to a new report by Kotaku, six individual insiders shared the news on the proviso the outlet did not compromise their anonymity. It's reported that "EA Vancouver spent some time designing ideas and prototypes for Viking, and Criterion came aboard soon afterward", but "that was when the problems started". Read more

Spawn is the next addition to Mortal Kombat 11
14 hours, 30 minutes ago

Spawn is coming to Mortal Kombat 11 on 8th March, 2020.Famed comic book artist Todd McFarlane - who was also a writer and artist on the Spawn series - may have had a hand in Spawn's design, as he announced the roster addition by way of unveiling an all-new seven-inch scale figure."MORTAL KOMBAT SPAWN REVEAL!! FINALLY I CAN SHOW IT!!" tweeted a very excited Todd McFarlane (thanks, VG24/7). "Spawn Mortal Kombat action figure is an incredibly detailed (true McFarlane Toys fashion) 7-inch scale figure designed with 22 points of ultra-articulation and can achieve full range posing. COMING MARCH 2020!"Read more
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Activision unleash their full arsenal to silence Call of Duty battle royale leaks
11 hours, 35 minutes ago

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is probably getting a battle royale. At least, that’s if you’ve been following the leaked photos, trailers, and unintentionally-revealed menu options that have been popping up lately. Naturally, Activision are a bit miffed over these leaks. The publisher has taken a scorched-earth approach to stamping out these rumours – slamming […]

Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Dashing through the snow with good boys, bad guns
13 hours, 50 minutes ago

Screenshot Saturday Sundays! Like some sort of digital bake-off, game developers across the land offer up their finest works-in-progress to be scrutinised on a Twitter hashtag. Once more I – the Mary Berry of screenshot judging – must hand-pick some of this weekend’s best offerings. This week: Scandinavian snowdrifts, exceptionally talented dogs, and grossly impractical […]

Cloud Imperium and Crytek finally settle their long legal dispute
16 hours, 35 minutes ago

For the last few years, Star Citizen‘s battles haven’t been high-flying dogfights. Instead, developers Cloud Imperium have been tangled in a dispute with Crytek, exchanging heated legal blows in lieu of laser blasts. But now, at long last, it seems the two warships declared a long-overdue ceasefire. Court documents posted this week reveal that Crytek […]

Pocket Power: Air Zonk
16 hours, 40 minutes ago

Handheld gaming is more than a compromise of power and portability. Whether it’s the ability to play anywhere, multitask or hold an entire console in your hands, it’s a special experience consoles have never replicated. In a world where high resolutions and teraflops reign supreme, we take a look at a portable relic every month […] The post Pocket Power: Air Zonk appeared first on Hardcore Gamer.

Screenshot Saturday Featuring There Is No Light, GigaBash, More
20 hours, 51 minutes ago

Well, here it is…the last edition of Screenshot Saturday before PAX East begins next weekend. This likely means that with myself and other HG staff attending, there may not be a feature next week, so consider this a bit of a heads up. Though to be honest, after seeing so much spam abusing the #screenshotsaturday […] The post Screenshot Saturday Featuring There Is No Light, GigaBash, More appeared first on Hardcore Gamer.

Nintendo Minute Takes Animal Crossing Characters Head to Head in a Character Bracket
1 day, 2 hours ago

With the excitement of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons direct that aired earlier this week, Nintendo minute is taking a look at NPCs and ranking them on their personal tastes. Kit and Krysta sit down to judge new and returning characters to see who is their favorite. This ranking online includes non-villager characters such as […] The post Nintendo Minute Takes Animal Crossing Characters Head to Head in a Character Bracket appeared first on Hardcore Gamer.

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