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Georgia Tech physicists unlock the secret to perfect wok-tossed fried rice
13 hours, 1 minute ago

The trick is a timely combination of side-to-side and see-sawing motions.

Ten rules for dating my teenage daughter placing your Wi-Fi access points
14 hours, 1 minute ago

Wi-Fi is like real estate—the secret is location, location, location.

Climate change is drying up the Colorado River
15 hours, 30 minutes ago

Less snow means more evaporation in a critical water resource.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip review: Admire it, don't buy it
2 days, 12 hours ago

It's the best foldable I've used, but I still have concerns.

Galaxy Buds+ review: Samsung finally has a worthy AirPods alternative
2 days, 13 hours ago

With Galaxy Buds+, Samsung improved sound, battery life and more.

'Minecraft Earth' gets a bit more physical thanks to new NFC-enabled minis
1 day, 13 hours ago

Your 'Minecraft Earth' game is about to get a little more physical.
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Mathematics for the Adventurous Self-Learner

Jailed Just-in-Time Compilation on iOS

Saagar Jha's website.

I Bought These Things From Amazon Prime. Can You Tell Which Ones Are Real?
3 days, 16 hours ago

Telling whether the product that arrived in your Amazon box is what you meant to order can be puzzling. Can you guess which ones of these are the imposters?

Lightspeed leads Laiye's $42M round to bet on Chinese enterprise IT
42 minutes ago

Laiye, a Chinese startup that offers robotic process automation services to several major tech firms in the nation and government agencies, has raised $42 million in a new funding round as it looks to scale its business. The new financing round, Series C, was co-led by Lightspeed Venture Partners a…

What happens if a pandemic hits?
2 hours, 30 minutes ago

What happens if a Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic hits? It’s time to at least start asking that question. What will the repercussions be, if the virus spreads worldwide? How will it change how we live, work, socialize, and travel? Don’t get all disaster-movie here. Some people seem to hav…

BharatPe raises $75M to help Indian merchants accept digital payments and secure working capital
2 hours, 31 minutes ago

BharatPe, a New Delhi-based startup that is enabling hundreds of thousands of merchants to accept digital payments for the first time and also providing them access to working capital, has raised $75 million in a new financing round as it looks to scale its business in the nation. The Series C roun…

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