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AT&T considers getting rid of DirecTV as TV business tanks, WSJ reports
9 hours, 52 minutes ago

AT&T reportedly considers spinoff of DirecTV or combination with Dish.

50% of US homes still won’t have fiber broadband by 2025, study says
13 hours, 23 minutes ago

A cool $70 billion could help get the US to 90% fiber coverage, study says.

More evidence points to Iranian cruise missiles, drones in attack on Saudi oilfield
14 hours ago

Cruise missile parts, UAV wreckage indicate attack was at least backed by Iran.

Lamborghini’s crazy looking hybrid is more interesting under the hood
16 hours, 1 minute ago

The Lamborghini’s Sian is exactly the type of hybrid you’d expect from the automaker

Sonos Move review: Versatility doesn't come cheap
21 hours, 31 minutes ago

The new Sonos Move is durable and portable, but you'll pay for those traits.

What we've been watching: 'Another Life'
13 hours, 36 minutes ago

Is 'Another Life' really that bad?
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Swiss Copyright Law: Downloading Stays Legal, No Site Blocking - TorrentFreak
2 days ago

Switzerland's National Council has passed amendments aimed at modernizing the country's copyright law to make it more fit for the digital age. While services that host pirate sites or distribute content can expect a tougher ride moving forward, users will still be able to download pirate content for personal use. Furthermore, Swiss Internet service providers will not be required to prevent their customers accessing pirate sites.


📖 A collection of pure bash alternatives to external processes. - dylanaraps/pure-bash-bible

Smart TVs sending private data to Netflix and Facebook
1 day, 7 hours ago

Two studies find devices share information on location and usage with advertisers

The man behind Tesla's Powerwall is now pitching an all-in-one power management system for homes
2 hours, 31 minutes ago

Arch Rao, the former head of product at Tesla who was behind the company’s Powerwall home energy storage is system, is back with a new company pitching energy management and efficiency for homes. SpanIO is looking to upgrade the electrical fusebox for homes with a digital system that integrat…

Cannabis logistics startup Wayv launches dynamic distribution platform
3 hours, 30 minutes ago

Supply chain logistics is a headache and a half across any industry, but the difficulty level goes way up within the world of cannabis. Because of federal laws, FedEx, UPS and USPS are not an option. Distributors need a variety of licenses and must operate within specific regulation. For example, c…

Google chases businesses to maintain its payments lead in India
3 hours, 32 minutes ago

Google said today it is bringing its mobile payments app — Google Pay — to businesses in India and introducing a jobs discovery feature as the Android-maker rushes to maintain its lead in one of its key overseas markets before its global rival Facebook expands its payment offerings in t…

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